At Black Oak, we use our proprietary process, Retirement Coach 360, to take the guesswork out of the retirement process. We believe in educating and coaching our clients while navigating them through the different retirement paths they can encounter and achieve their own success.

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Retirement Coach 360 is an ongoing 8-step process that encompasses a coaching method to your retirement. Just like any player, they all have strengths and weaknesses that need to be enhanced or coached up. With our 8-step process, we pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of our client’s total retirement from a 360-degree approach.


The first item of our 8-step approach is to identify what matters most to you in your retirement. This can look very different for each person. Just like a compass, we want to make sure our initial direction is clear, so the next steps of your plan are headed down the right path for you.

Your Risk Number

We want our clients to be fearless investors. Our clients know that investing involves risks. We pinpoint the right amount of risk that is specific for each client. There is not a set risk tolerance for everyone, but each person does have a specific risk number.


Once we know your specific goals and risk number, the portfolio construction is next. This step may seem  intimidating and complex, but we make this as simple as possible with our educational and coaching approach while empowering our clients with their involvement in this step.

Income Plan

In retirement, your income is the most important tool to achieving your goals. Your income is more important than your total nest egg. Without income, your plan will fall short of what you want to accomplish. We construct an income plan where we apply the previous steps and create a plan that is focused specifically for you. 

Tax "What If"

Our tax planning tool takes our client’s current tax situation and allows us to plan for the present and for the future.  Without education, we feel many do not fully understand the impact that taxes have on them now and later in retirement. We help our clients develop a strategy that balances their tax burden now and throughout retirement.

Game Plan

For our clients, we believe they need and deserve a successful financial plan. Our financial plan is specifically and strategically goal based. Most plans are determined by cash flow and how much one will need in retirement. We feel it’s more important to focus on our client’s goals and visions to execute a successful game plan.

Retirement Simulator

We take the guess work out of your retirement plan. We can take your retirement down different paths to see which is the most successful. If we need to take a different path and make adjustments, we help our clients do that before it’s too late.


Healthcare Planning

We can help you navigate the complexity of managing your health care costs in retirement. The right Medicare plan can impact your retirement future. 

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Ryan Ledden, RICP®

Just like any player, they all have strengths and weaknesses that need to be enhanced or coached up. Our 8-step process pinpoints the strengths and weaknesses of your total retirement from a 360-degree approach."

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